Bird watching Safaris

For Birdwatching safaris there are numerous sites to visit in Kenya which has over 1,100 recorded bird species located in diverse habitats:cool, alpine zones,simmering hot soda lakes papyrus swamp,tussock grasslands,desert scrub or dunes,where birding is very rewarding and productive of course with the help of our professional guides. To optimize on the high numbers the best time for birding is between October and April when more than 100 palearctic migrant species have arrived from the northern hemisphere. From April to October the northern migrants are replaced by birds from the southern hemisphere and Madagascar, but these are much fewer, no more than 10 or 12 species. It is however the time when many of the birds are in breeding plumage following the long rains, which makes species such as the various weavers much easier as well as much more colourful!

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