Lukenya Hills & African Heritage House


This will be an awesome outing, perfect for Nature lovers, who also enjoy art and culture.

Lukenya hill is among the many great sightseeing sites in Kenya, not so far away from Nairobi city. This rock climbers paradise, gives magnificent views of Mua hills, Kapiti plains and Konza hills…

After this hike, we will proceed to the African Heritage House. It overlooks the Nairobi National Park and is described by the prestigious Architectural Digest as "an architecture rising from the serene Kenyan plain like an outcropping of earth, a vision of usefulness informed by the African genius for decoration."

The house, apart from housing an art collection spanning 50 years from all over Africa, is a piece of art itself, and remains of immeasurable cultural value to all Africans and indeed the whole human race.

Hike Gradient: moderate