Exploring Ghosts of Happy Valley


This will be a very exciting trip of the Happy Valley circuit, with a talk and discussion on the Happy Valley residents and the enigma of who killed Lord Errol. 
There will also be a walk up the Aberdares Electric fence line and a talk about the history of the fence and its construction as well as the cultural history of the area. 
It's a mixed forest that has undulating tracks with great views of the Northern Aberdares and Kipipiri. There is chance of seeing various interesting Bird species and Monkeys. 
The Happy Valley tour will leave from the camp and head north through the forest corridor to Alice De Janze's house on the Wanjohi river. We shall then head to Miharati police station which was John Halls house. After this we shall drive around Kipipiri and head to the Catholic Church which was Patricia Bowles's house.
The guide will go into each of the characters and the ever evolving debates on who killed Lord Erroll